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“Budget Misuse Hinders Progress of Nijgadh International Airport Construction”

Progress on key national projects, like the Nijgadh International Airport in Tangia Basti of Jitpur-Simara Sub-Metropolitan City, has faced setbacks due to budget mismanagement. Despite the federal government allocating substantial funds for construction, the allocated budget remains unspent and is returned annually, stalling the airport’s development.

Bijay Yadav, Acting Head of Nijgadh International Airport Project Implementation Unit Office, revealed that a considerable budget, including Rs 450.3 million in the current fiscal year, has yet to be utilized due to the unresolved decision regarding Tangia settlement relocation.

In previous fiscal years, similar issues persisted. In 2022/23, only Rs 28.2 million out of around Rs 363.5 million was expended, resulting in a substantial return of approximately Rs 335 million. Similarly, in 2021/22, of the allocated Rs 568.7 million, a mere Rs 86.9 million was spent, resulting in a substantial unspent balance.

Complications arising from the relocation of Tangia Basti pose the primary challenge, hindering the airport’s construction progress. Yadav stressed the urgency of relocating Tangia Basti while minimizing tree felling, emphasizing the need to vacate the land for airport development.

Although compensation distribution, river control, and fencing progress for the airport’s allocated land are underway, challenges in spending the budget remain unresolved. The airport project, which commenced in 2014/15, requires decisive action to resolve budgetary issues and expedite infrastructure development.

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