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“Indian Tourists Flock to Sauraha for Wildlife Adventures in Nepal”

Sauraha, a hub for wildlife tourism in Nepal, is witnessing a surge in Indian visitors, drawn by the allure of jungle safaris and scenic landscapes. Indian tourists like Sanjay Patil and Bikash Gupta from various regions of India are part of sizable groups exploring Nepal, particularly Sauraha, for thrilling jungle safaris.

The appeal of elephant safaris in Baghmara Community Forest attracts many, making jungle adventures a top attraction for Indian visitors, rivaling even destination weddings. Nepal Tourism Board data reveals a notable influx, with 287,244 Indian tourists arriving in Nepal by air, marking a record high this year.

Previously popular among Americans and Europeans since the 1960s, Sauraha now sees a significant influx of Nepalis and Indians, with Indian tourists comprising the highest number visiting Chitwan National Park. Despite setbacks due to the earthquake in 2015 and the COVID-19 pandemic, Indian tourists are gradually returning, embracing longer stays and exploring multiple attractions.

Hoteliers and park officials highlight this trend, noting the rise in Indian tourists and their increased enthusiasm for multi-day stays. Elephant rides, boating, and local cuisines stand out as favored experiences among Indian visitors. However, concerns regarding travel hurdles, infrastructure, and occasional police checks along the roads persist among some tourists.

While road conditions pose challenges, the consensus remains that Nepal’s beauty and safety outweigh these obstacles. Indian tourists express eagerness for hassle-free travel, affirming their interest in exploring Nepal’s wonders if infrastructure and travel ease improve.

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