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“Concerns Rise as Mountains Lose Snow Cover: Urgent Climate Action Needed”

Conservationists and climate activists are sounding alarm bells over the dwindling snow cover on mountains across the country, expressing deep concern about its far-reaching impacts on the ecosystem.

The rapid melting of snow due to global heating has stripped the mountains, leading to profound ecological consequences. Dr. Ghanashyam Gurung, Chief of the World Wildlife Fund in Nepal, cautioned that this trend could potentially transform mountain climbing into rock climbing, emphasizing the critical need to adopt and expand measures for climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Speaking at the International Mountain Festival in Pokhara, Dr. Gurung emphasized the urgency of addressing the fast-melting snow in Nepal, stressing the imperative role of local initiatives to combat climate change’s adverse effects. While underscoring the responsibility of richer, industrialized nations for climate change, he urged Nepal to amplify its voice in the international community.

Echoing these concerns, Dr. Amina Maharjan highlighted the broader impact of bare mountains across the Hindu Kush region, affecting ecology, agriculture, tourism, and health. She urged for proactive adaptation strategies to counteract the escalating situation, pointing to recent incidents like flash floods in Seti River and Kagbeni linked to climate change.

Journalist Kunda Dixit emphasized terming climate change a ‘climate crisis,’ advocating for a comprehensive understanding of its economic and political implications. He highlighted the dwindling water resources caused by climate change, urging the government to prioritize this urgent issue.

Furthermore, Dr. Jagannath Adhikari underscored the cultural significance of mountains, stating that their loss of snow equates to a loss of culture. He emphasized the direct impact of snowmelt on agricultural output, urging for sustained national and international efforts to address climate change’s effects.

The urgency to tackle climate change and preserve snow cover on mountains demands immediate attention and collective action on local, national, and international fronts.

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