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Prime Minister Dahal Encourages Kathmandu University to Lead the Charge in Climate Research

During the 29th convocation ceremony at Kathmandu University, Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal emphasized the pivotal role of academic research in mitigating the impacts of climate change. He encouraged faculty and students to engage in comprehensive research endeavors, publish findings in national and international journals, and explore adaptive measures to alleviate the local community’s challenges posed by climate change.

Commending the university’s focus on technology-driven research through the Nepal Technology Innovation Center, Dahal expressed optimism about its potential to benefit not only scientists but also the wider populace. He highlighted the university’s evolution into a hub for multifaceted development, underscoring its substantial contributions to Nepal’s progress.

Praising the university’s milestone achievement of establishing a 1000-bed teaching hospital after 32 years, the Prime Minister commended the effort, offering his support as the university’s Chancellor. He reiterated the vision of internationalizing Nepal’s education by blending indigenous knowledge, technology, and skills with global perspectives, encouraging scholars and youth abroad to contribute to their homeland’s sustainable development.

In a separate context, Prime Minister Dahal expressed concern over Nepali youths joining the Russian army due to various challenges. He assured efforts to ensure their safe return while emphasizing the abundance of educational and employment opportunities in Nepal, advocating for their role in both personal and national growth.



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