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Exploring Solukhumbhu’s Fresh Trekking Route

A new trekking path has opened up in Mapya Dudhkoshi village, Solukhumbhu district. It’s been launched as a fresh spot to visit, with help from local leaders, trekking groups, and Nepal’s Tourism Board.

They officially started the route at Silgudhi Danda in Mapya Dudhkoshi-5. This trek takes about four nights and five days, starting at Silgudhi and finishing in Mahabhir, passing through places like Ghumremera, Kudham, Yetelama, Rapcha, Majhgaun, Khastav, Bhumethan, and Pasda Jharana.

The politicians alongside other leaders there stressed how important it is that everyone support tourism because it plays a significant role in the national economy. They believe that by drawing travelers to Mount Everest, the tourism industry in this region will expand as well.

The head of the trekking association was happy about opening this new path in a place that’s home to Mount Everest. But he also expressed concerns. He mentioned that Nepal should be welcoming more tourists considering it has places like Mount Everest and Lumbini, where Buddha was born. He’s worried that roads being built without care are ruining trekking paths and that the government isn’t paying enough attention to tourism businesses.

Someone who coordinates the trekking route said that it’s important to advertise and support this new destination. They want to attract more people to visit this area.

Local leaders mentioned their plans to promote tourism effectively in Mapya rural municipality.

A local tourism expert mentioned that from this new route, trekkers can explore Dudhkunda mountain, Sagarmatha (Mount Everest), and the Mera Peak area.

During the event, they honored Nepal’s Tourism Board, the trekking association, the experienced climber, and the Mountain Guide Association of Nepal.

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