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Reviving Lumbini: Beginning the Reconstruction of World Peace

The rebuilding of Lumbini, where Buddha was born, has begun to promote world peace. Shalpa Tenzing Rinpoche, along with Dr. Lharkal Lama and Jehara Nakvi from the American embassy, started the reconstruction.

Rinpoche mentioned that after a pause due to the pandemic, they restarted the construction work. He highlighted Nepal’s lack of physical development but emphasized its incredibly rich natural and historical heritage, expecting many visitors to benefit Nepal.

Dr. Lama, the Vice President of the fund, believes this project will help make Lumbini internationally recognized for promoting world peace, not just locally.

He also mentioned that building this place will require strong faith in Buddha, even though it’s a challenging project. Nakvi, from the US embassy, hopes to help Americans understand Lumbini’s history and Buddhism’s significance.

The program highlighted the importance of Buddha’s teachings in bringing compassion and understanding among people of different beliefs. They mentioned that the project, covering an area of 3,400 square meters and reaching 44 meters in height, aims to be completed in three years at an estimated cost of Rs 4 billion.”

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