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Pokhara’s Paragliding Paused Temporarily

paragliding in pokhara

Paragliding flights in Pokhara, Nepal, have been stopped by the Civil Aviation Authority because of a disagreement about who gets to decide the fees for these flights. There’s a group called the Nepal Airsports Association that used to set these fees, but recently they gave this responsibility to some companies. This change caused a big protest by over a hundred pilots who didn’t agree with this decision.

Some business people also disagreed with the Nepal Airsports Association and wanted all the rights to set fees to be given to the businesses. So, the association decided to hand over all these rights to the businessmen after the protests. This change worried pilots because they feared it might create problems like less support, confusion in organizing flights, and maybe even make flying less safe. After all, fees might not be decided properly.

Now, because of all this arguing, flights have stopped until they can figure things out and make sure it’s safe for everyone. The Civil Aviation Authority said they had to stop flights to prevent any unsafe situations caused by these arguments between pilots and businesses about fees.



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