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Sustainable Growth: Japan’s Contributions to Rural Nepal

Today, there was a special event where Japan handed over a turmeric processing center they helped build in Pyuthan District, Nepal. This center, costing around $81,180, was made to help local farmers grow and sell turmeric better.

Before this, farmers in that area used old-fashioned ways to grow turmeric, mostly for themselves. They couldn’t make much money because they didn’t have the right machines to process it. So, Japan’s support helped build machines and set up a place to process turmeric, making it easier for farmers to earn a better living.

The ambassador from Japan said this project will make life better for the farmers. By making higher-quality turmeric, they can earn more money and help their community grow.

This project is part of a larger effort by Japan to help communities directly and improve their lives. They’ve done over 200 projects like this in Nepal since 1991.



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