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Rhinoceros Spotted On the Road

Rhinoceroses are rare animals, but in Sauraha, things are a bit different. Sometimes, the rhinos that have been saved are seen more near towns than in the forests. When visitors come to Chitwan, especially from other places, they hope to spot rhinos. They are surprised when they see rhinos casually moving around Sauraha.

These rhinos are spotted not just in farmlands but also along the roads and near hotels in Sauraha, apart from being in the forest. There are a few rhinos in the Sauraha area, but Ganesh Prasad Tiwari of Chitwan National Park says they are usually spotted near villages rather than far into the forest.

Even though these rhinos are usually harmless to people, their wild attitude makes it impossible to know when they might become angry. Tiwari cautions against approaching, touching, or inciting these rhinos, even though they are frequently spotted close to towns. Once, on a Saturday morning, a rhino was spotted resting on the roadside, a bit more than three kilometers north of Sauraha.

This particular road connects Ratnanagar Municipality-4 to Devauli along the Mahendra Highway. It was quite crowded when people noticed the rhino.

People traveling on the road stopped their vehicles and went closer to take a look at the rhino. Even tourists were taking pictures. Some students on their way to school were trying to touch the rhino and take selfies. However, some locals were warning that touching the rhinos could be dangerous.

As the sun got hotter, the rhino seemed happy and turned around. It was also enjoying eating the green grass around it. Nepal has a total of 752 rhinos, and about 694 of them are in and around Chitwan National Park.



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