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Lumbini Province Reports 5% Increase in Farming Growth rates

Farming in Lumbini Province improved recently. A report according to the Nepal Rastra Bank, farming saw a 5.07 percent increase overall in 2079–2080. Certain crops, such as oilseeds, sesame seeds, wheat, millet, oats, and lentils, showed very little growth at all, according to their analysis of crop growth patterns. But others like potatoes, soybeans, corn, barley, rice, and sunflower seeds did. They also saw more spices, fruits, and veggies being grown.

Laxmi Sunrise Bank noticed fish, meat, and milk production increased by 10.63 percent, 4.80 percent, and 6.30 percent. In Lumbini Province, the total area used for farming food and other crops decreased by 0.85 percent.

Shivam Cement mentioned that corn, wheat, barley, potatoes, and mustard farming areas increased, but rice, millet, oats, sesame seeds, and lentils areas went down.

Nabil Bank reported that vegetable, fruit, and spice farming areas went up by about 2.47 percent, 9.23 percent, and 5.53 percent, according to the Nepal Rastra Bank. They also mentioned that wood, grass, medicines, and other forest products increased by a lot in production.

About 44.88 percent of all farming areas used water to grow crops. The watered areas increased by 1.37 percent, reaching 255,036 hectares. Loans given for farming increased by 7.52 percent, totaling NPR 54 billion 10 crores and 66 lakhs. This made up about 9.78 percent of all loans given in the province.



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