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Kalika Route Closed for Butwal’s Food Festival

The Kalika Pathway, a busy road in Butwal, has been inaccessible for the past three days. This closure is due to the setup of stalls and an ongoing food festival organized annually by the Hotel and Restaurant Entrepreneurs Association to promote tourism.

Even though the festival was scheduled to commence on Saturday, the closure for stall construction began on Friday evening. Building stalls on both sides of the Kalika Pathway, stretching from Tin Kune Chowk to the new bus park, has discomforted locals, commuters, and students from nearby schools and colleges.

Residents expressed discomfort about the night food festival titled “Eat, Dance, and Enjoy on the Road.” However, they felt unable to voice opposition once the local government and administration granted permission for the festival, restricting their ability to openly protest.

A business owner affected by the road closure due to the festival mentioned experiencing losses.

Stalls for the food festival were constructed beyond Tin Kune, approximately a kilometer from the new bus park, blocking the road and obstructing the movement of essential vehicles like ambulances.

The Hotel and Restaurant Entrepreneurs Association’s decision to shut down the four-lane road resulted in significant congestion. Despite charging 12,000 rupees per stall, the association defended the fee as essential for the festival’s management. They claimed that the festival was organized in collaboration with local authorities and the government.

However, the Butwal Sub-Metropolitan City agreed to find alternate routes to ease traffic congestion caused by the closure, especially impacting small vehicles, motorcycles, and rickshaws.

Consumer rights supporter Rishi Azad highlighted that while promoting tourism is important, it shouldn’t violate upon public rights. He highlighted that blocking the road for the festival was an inappropriate approach, despite considering the interests of a select few individuals and organizations.



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