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Pokhara’s Proposal to Become a Top New Year’s Destination

Taking place in the peaceful Lakeside area from December 28, 2023, to January 1, 2024, the 25th Pokhara Street Festival promises to lure in visitors. This event honors the spirit of travel and culture by drawing visitors from all over the world in along with locals.

This vibrant festival, spanning five days, will transform the Lakeside area of Pokhara, covering a stretch of about 3 kilometers from Fistel Gate to Jarebar through Chautara of Gara. This year’s theme, the “Silver Festival,” aims to encourage everyone to relish street food while enjoying the outdoor festivities.

The festival’s objectives are multifaceted. Organizers aspire to position Pokhara as a premier destination for celebrating the English New Year. With an ambitious target of over 550,000 visitors, they aim to surpass the attendance numbers of previous festivals, intending to elevate Pokhara’s allure as a tourist hotspot.

An array of attractions awaits festival-goers. From cultural extravaganzas featuring traditional costumes to exhibitions showcasing national and international cuisines, the event promises a diverse and engaging experience. The lineup includes diverse competitions, performances, concerts, boat races, waiter races, and tug of war, catering to varied interests.

Sports enthusiasts can engage in volleyball tournaments while thought-provoking street dramas will raise awareness about pertinent issues. A beneficial aspect of the festival is made better by the opportunity for visitors to explore art exhibitions featuring handicrafts, paintings, sculptures, agricultural products, and botanical materials.

The Gandaki Provincial Government, the Pokhara Metropolitan City, the Nepal Tourism Board, and the Pokhara Tourism Council are partners in the festival’s support and promotion. The occasion is expected to benefit the local economy in addition to its social significance by boosting foreign exchange earnings, employment growth, and financial health as a whole.

In addition to its status as a cultural celebration, Pomnarayan Shrestha, the chairman of the Pokhara Tourism Council, acknowledged the festival’s greater significance, focusing on its role as a key factor in the region’s economic growth and prosperity. The 25th Pokhara Street Festival is evidence of the city’s rich cultural legacy and future as a top travel destination.



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