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Exploring Nepal’s Highest Lake Kajin Sara Lake Revealed

Kajin Sara Lake is located in the Manang district of Nepal Country.Interestingly, the Manang district is the location of the Tilicho lake too.Kajin Sara lake is a new lake for the world. A group of mountaineers discovered the Kajin Sara lake in early 2019.It will be the highest altitude lake replacing Tilicho Lake, which is now the highest lake in the world. It is 83 meters higher than the previous highest lake, Tilicho. According to local sources the lake is as high as 5200 meters. This lake is around 1500 m long and 600 m wide. The exact location of the lake is Singarkharka as Singar is the local name of this lake.

Visitors can take a jeep from Besisahar, Lamjung, to Chame of the Manang District.

The trek begins in Chame, Nepal, which is located at an elevation of 2650 meters. On Day 1,It takes roughly five to six hours to walk uphill to reach Lamjung Himal Base Camp, which is 3,760 meters above sea level. Beginning with highways, the path runs through a forest that is largely covered by pine trees. The route is both uphill and downhill until arriving at Lamjung Himal Base Camp. Trekkers can stay overnight for free at a few sheds and a recently built shelter, but they must bring their own food and sleeping gears.

On Another Day, depending on the weather, the hike to a high camp at 4750 meters takes six to ten hours the following day. High camp has hotel rooms available. At 4200 meters, a low camp is still being built. When it is finished, visitors will find this trekking route much easier.

On Day 3,Walking uphill from High Camp to Kajin Sara at 5020 meters takes roughly about two hours ,after which one can either return back  to High Camp or Lamjung Base Camp which will take about 7-8 hours max.

On Day 4,you travel back  to Chame Rural Municipality from Lamjung Base Camp.



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