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Sauraha Growing Number Of Tourists From China and India

More and more visitors from China and India are coming to a place called Sauraha, which is a big tourist spot. The hotels there are getting full because lots of tourists are coming from other countries, and the local businesses are happy about it. The head of the Regional Hotel Association, Ganga Giri, said that in 2023, 300,000 tourists came to Sauraha, and they wanted to welcome 350,000 tourists in 2024.

To get more people to visit Sauraha, Giri talked about a plan called the “Explore Sauraha Campaign.” They want to tell people in China, India, and different parts of Western Nepal about Sauraha to attract them to visit. Giri also said that Nepal’s roads need to be better for more tourists to come, and flying there is expensive.

A past leader of the Regional Hotel Association, Deepak Bhattarai, said that businesses in Sauraha are very excited because more visitors from China and India are coming. And Nareh Giri, who runs the Revana Restaurant, mentioned that tourists like trying different foods in Sauraha. He also said that lots of people from inside the country visit Sauraha, and there are about 200 restaurants there.

Sauraha has about 141 hotels of different sizes, and there are also good hotels in Jagatpur and Meghauli in Western Chitwan. They can host about 4,126 tourists every day.

Travelers visit Chitwan National Park and its surroundings to witness endangered species such as tigers, deer, and rhinos. Travelers like going on river journeys, wandering in parks, and going on safaris in the jungle.



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