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Sapu Mhicha: Best Newa Food Cuisine Full of Protein

The Newa people of Nepal make a dish called sapu mhicha, which is made of intestine wrapped in buffalo leaf tripe(lining of stomach) and filled with bone marrow. A signature dish of the Kathmandu Valley’s Newa cuisine, sapu mhichā is typically made on special occasions.

During festival dinners, the delicacy is one of the dishes served to honor a man who visits the parents of his wife. It is presented before the dessert but following the main course.
Water buffalo leaves intestines are prepared by chopping it into small pieces and separating the layers to make bags. Bone marrow chunks are placed inside the bags. To close the opening, gather it and tie it with a thread. After that, the bags are fried and boiled.

The eater bites off the entire Sapu Mhichā, leaving the tied end between the thumb and forefinger. In this manner, when the bag tears and the melted bone marrow pours out, it stays inside the mouth.

There are various other Newari delicacies in Nepal .Some popular Newari dishes include choila , kachila, sekuwa, momo (dumplings), yomari (sweet steamed dumplings), aloo bodi tama, bara (fried lentil patties), and various types of fish, meat, and rice dishes.People can enjoy these Newari food delicacies from various Newari food offering restaurants in Nepal.

There are hundreds of newari food restaurants within the valley. The price of this Newari cuisine is also affordable which is around NRs.200-350 per plate.Sapu Micha is useful for the human body because it is a 100% natural source of protein. It is used to build muscle.
Sapu Micha can be served boiled as well as fried.Various sauce can be used with Sapu Micha like chili sauce,apricot sauce,tamarind sauce,tomato ketchup.This snack is often served with alcohol often Newari Alcohol like; Aila,Chhyang.

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