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Launch of Nepal’s First National Baseball Five Competition

The Nepal Baseball and Softball Association, with the Bagmati Province Baseball Association, arranged a two-day tournament at the National Sports Council’s hall in Tripureshwar. President Deepak Nyupane said they’re ready for it.

They’re starting a new Baseball Five contest this year, and seven teams from different places will join. Each team has eight players and two officials. Two of them have to be girls, and during the games, each team of five players must have at least one girl.

The tournament has two parts playing matches and knockout rounds. They will play five innings under World Baseball Softball Association rules. NPR 30,000 goes to the winning team, NPR 20,000 to the runner-up, and NPR 10,000 to the third-place team.

Neupane mentioned they’ve picked seven teams from different areas based on their tryouts. He said they don’t need specific equipment for the game. The tournament’s opening will be led by Tankalal Ghising, the National Sports Council’s Secretary-General.



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