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Finance Minister Mahat invites foreign capital to fund Nepal’s tourism and energy industries.

The Investment Summit is scheduled for April 28 and 29 in Kathmandu, and investors from India and other nations have been invited by Finance Minister Dr. Prakash Sharan Mahat. He specifically requested investment in Nepal’s energy, travel, and farming industries. During his speech to leaders, ministers, and investors at the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit-2024 in India, Mahat extended an invitation to the future investment summit to those in attendance via his Private Secretariat. He voiced hope that creative business concepts and financial choices would be key turning points in Nepal’s development.

Mahat mentioned several important industries with significant investment potential in Nepal, including banking, financial services, energy, tourism, agriculture, information technology, mining, manufacturing, building, and transportation. He said that the Bright Gujarat Concept, which Prime Minister Narendra Modi introduced in 2003, was adopted by Nepal and other countries as a model for resolving their own economic, social, and environmental issues.

The recent agreement between India and Nepal to export 10,000 MW of electricity to India for the next ten years will have a major positive impact on Nepal’s hydropower sector, according to the Finance Minister. Mahat questioned Nepal’s respect for global trade and investment standards, as well as the nation’s participation in international organizations and several market-focused economic plans that go back to the early 1990s.



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