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Narayangadh-Muglin Road to Experience Daily 4-Hour Closure Until Mid-February

In a recent development, the Narayangadh-Muglin road section has been subjected to a daily four-hour closure, commencing at 7 PM, for the past month. Authorities have now officially announced the extension of this closure for an additional three weeks. The initial closure was implemented to facilitate critical construction work, including the establishment of foundations for bridge construction and hill cutting to create a new roadway.

Despite concerted efforts to conclude the hill cutting within the initially stipulated three-week period, the work remained incomplete. Consequently, a unanimous decision was reached during a comprehensive meeting convened at the District Administration Office. The decision involves extending the road closure for an extra three weeks to ensure the successful completion of the hill cutting project. This move aims to address the unfinished work and minimize inconvenience to commuters during this crucial phase of road infrastructure development.



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