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Tharu Community to Celebrate Two-Day Maghi Festival in TundiKhel

The Tharu community in Kathmandu plans to celebrate the Maghi festival in TundiKhel on the 29th of Poush and the 1st of Magh. They held a press conference to share the details. The festival, focusing on Tharu language, culture, and awareness, has been celebrated in Kathmandu since 2059 B.S. The Prime Minister is expected to inaugurate it.

This year’s theme is “Invitation to the Protection, Promotion, and Development of Tharu Culture for Inclusive Reach.” Different committees, such as economic management, stall management, publicity, advertising, cultural affairs, motorcycle rally management, and procession management, are working together.

Over 100 stalls, showcasing Tharu cuisine, traditional arts, crafts, and books, will be part of the festival. A motorcycle rally will start from Tinkune and end in Bhrikuti Mandap, and a cultural procession will move through various places on the 1st of Magh.

Events like Blood donation program, an award ceremony, and cultural events like songs and dances performed by the Tharu people is likely to be conducted. The festival is expected to cost 1.5 million Nepalese Rupees to organize.



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