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Top visited Countries by Nepalese people in 2023

For Nepalese traveling abroad, the most popular locations are Thailand, India, and the United Arab Emirates. More than twentyfour thousand Nepalese visited other countries in 2023. Based on the data, the top destinations among them were Thailand, UAE and India.

In 2023, specifically in India, 71,698 Nepali tourists explored various places. The statistics also revealed that 55,618 Nepali citizens visited the UAE, and 21,260 traveled to Thailand during the same period. China and Australia secured the fourth and fifth positions, with 6,093 and 5,801 Nepali tourists, respectively.

The overall count of Nepali citizens going abroad in 2023 reached 1,683,836. Out of this, 881,415 individuals went for employment, while 204,518 traveled for tourism and leisure. These figures were provided by the Department of Immigration and exclude visits for family, education, conferences, medical treatment, business, sports, and cultural events.

With 356,936 travelers from Nepal, India was the country that attracted the most tourists overall, for a variety of reasons.

Tourism entrepreneurs are optimistic about the keen interest of Nepali citizens in traveling abroad.



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