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Dhanushadham’s Month-Long Makarmela

In Dhanushadham, a month-long Makarmela has begun, celebrated every Sunday and Tuesday in the lunar month of Magh. This event holds both historical and religious importance.

Dhanushadham is situated in the northeastern part of Dhanusha district, drawing a large number of devotees from all over the country and beyond during this religious fair, as shared by a resident, Nitya Nanda Mandal.

According to the belief, in the Tretayug era, a fragment of the bow that Lord Rama lifted and broke during his marriage fell at Dhanushadham. This bow was raised by Lord Rama during a swayambar ceremony before marrying Sita, the daughter of King Janak.

The bow broke into three pieces, and one part went up to the sky while another went underground, as per the legend. In Dhanushadham, a temple called Dhanusha Baba is constructed to honor this event. Dhanushadham is located about 19 km northeast of Janakpurdham.



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