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Beyond Everest: Discovering the Beauty of Manaslu Circuit

Aside from mountain climbing, Manaslu is one of Nepal’s best-kept trekking secrets. The most well-traveled path goes around the Manaslu massif over 177 km, passing through primarily rugged and some plain terrain. This route follows the ancient Salt Route along the Burhi Gandak River Valley, similar to the well-known Annapurna Circuit.

Beginning at Arughat Bazaar, the Manaslu Circuit trek reaches its peak at Larkya La and concludes at Besisahar, where the Annapurna Circuit commences. There are other routes as well, but Larkya La pass at the top is the summit for the majority of them.

The hiking routes’ roads wind through historically significant areas that have existed for centuries. From time to time, the view shifts: there are terraces dotted with the uncommon greenery of the region’s agriculture, and there are vast areas of barren ground covered in powdery snow and brown mud. The land becomes less fertile and the mountains become more rugged after a place called Ligaon. Arriving at Lhogaon offers the much-anticipated view of Manaslu’s twin peaks.

A Buddhist monastery can be found in the village of Samagaon, which is located in the foothills before the summit. Its very existence is alluring in the middle of the pine forests and the wildness of the mountains. For a stunning view of the Tibetan grazing land outside of Nepal, stop at the Pang Phuchi village.

Then there’s the glacial mount of Larkya La, your ultimate destination, resting against the azure blue sky, displaying all of its grandeur and glory. Trekkers are rewarded with views of numerous peaks rising to a height of over 7000 meters, including Himal Chuli, Ngadi Culi, and Shringi. You can hike up to the Bumtang meadows for a clear view of the main peak. The return route descends to the Gorkha homeland via Dudh Khola.

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