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Mar Galcerán Breaks Barriers as Spain’s First Parliamentarian with Down’s Syndrome

As the first parliamentarian with Down syndrome in Spain, Mar Galcerán has made history in a significant moment for acceptance in Spanish politics. The 45-year-old politician Galcerán has advanced significantly in her professional life. It all began at the age of 18 when she became a member of the conservative People’s Party of Spain.

Since it is the first example in European history of an individual with Down syndrome being elected to a national or regional parliament, her accomplishment is historic. There are differing degrees of impact that Down syndrome can have on a person’s physical health and mental capacity.The condition is genetic.

Many people have praised Galcerán’s appointment, calling it a huge step ahead and an example of real participation. She expressed her wish to be accepted as a person apart from her disability in an interview with The Guardian, saying, “Society has begun to recognize that people with Down’s syndrome have many opportunities to contribute.”

The news has resonated positively with both fellow politicians and advocacy groups. Carlos Mazón, President of the Regional Government of Valencia, expressed his enthusiasm on social media, calling it “Great news for politics, overcoming barriers.” Agustín Matía Amor from Down España, a Down’s syndrome organization in Spain, described Galcerán’s appointment as “a huge step forward and an example of real inclusion.”

Mar Galcerán’s entry into parliamentary service is seen as a significant stride toward breaking down barriers and fostering a more inclusive political landscape in Spain.



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