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Annapurna Base Camp Infrastructure Expansion Underway

In Annapurna Rural Municipality-4, Nar Phu Valley, they are building base camps and trekking facilities for people going on Himalayan adventures. The Rural Municipality Chairman, Bharatkumar Pun, said they have set aside NPR 5 million for constructing base camps to help tourists with accommodation and meals. Amrit Suvedi, the Chief Administrative Officer, mentioned that they made a plan this fiscal year to develop the Annapurna Base Camp area.

They are working on building two base camps in Annapurna Base Camp and Bhuskute Mela Kharka under the tourism plan. The Rural Municipality is also improving the route to Annapurna Base Camp to make it more organized and friendly for tourists. Suvedi said that once the base camps are ready, they will provide necessary facilities for both local and foreign tourists.

Currently, tourists going to Annapurna Base Camp face challenges like arranging their own food and accommodation from Hum Khola and above. Annapurna Base Camp is at an altitude of 8,091 meters, and the route from Nar Phu Village to Maurice Herzog Trail, operational since June 3, 1950, is named after the first human ascent in Annapurna.

The Maurice Herzog Trail, named after the leader of the first ascent team, is expected to make the journey to Annapurna Base Camp easier, offering beautiful views. The Rural Municipality plans to build a bridge on the Hum Khola, improve trail construction, add resting places, manage sanitation facilities, and other related tasks.

The Chairman mentioned that Nar Phu to Annapurna Base Camp is about 42 kilometers, and the road to the base camps has been constructed up to 20 kilometers from Hum Khola. Once the road and trail are complete, travelers can reach Annapurna Base Camp and Maurice Herzog Trail in a single day from Pokhara Bagar, the center of the Rural Municipality, to Nar Phu.



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