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Bish Hajari Taal: Where Nature’s Beauty Meets Breathtaking Lakeside Views

Bish Hazari (20 Thousand) lake is in the southern corner of Bharatpur. The lake is very attractive for the bird lovers and serves as an important bird watching center. The lake area houses lots of crocodiles and thus is equally attractive for the reptile lovers. The Lake Lies nearby Chitwan National Park. Bish hazari lake lies just 5 km south from the city center (Chaubishkothi) of Bharatpur.

The lake is referred to as Bish Hajari Taal for a number of reasons. Bish Hajari means “twenty thousand” (20,000). The first justification for calling it Bish Hajar is that it is known as the 20,000 Lake because there are a large number of both small and large lakes there—more than a thousand in total. Another explanation for the name Bish Hajari is that the lake appears to be 20,000 times smaller from above.

The environment around the lake in Chitwan National Park is pleasant. A few wild creatures, particularly crocodiles and rhinos, are frequently spotted close to Bish Hajari Taal. Many birds travel from the Northern Pole to Bish Hajar Taal in search of a suitable habitat. Birds migrate to Bish Hajari Taal in order to escape the extreme cold of the Northern Poles during the winter.

Depending on how you want to travel to Bish Hajari Taal, that is. Via bicycle, Jeep, or walking from Bharatpur or Sauraha. The National Park entrance fee must be paid, as well as any additional costs associated with riding a bike or driving a Jeep.

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