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People Celebrating In Janakpur During Ayodhya’s Festive Season

The naming ceremony of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya is being joyfully celebrated by the people of Janakpur. The lovely melodies of Ramadan, along with prayers and devotional songs, fill temples and monasteries.

Jai Shri Ram flags and banners decorate every part of Janakpur, from temple grounds to streets and squares. The Janaki Temple is adorned with beautiful flower garlands. At 5 p.m., preparations are in full swing to light over a million lamps in the temple for a grand display.

Inside the temple, images of victory, Lord Ram’s bow, and his portrait are created with flowers. There’s a plan for a majestic procession through various streets, returning to the temple for rest after the consecration ceremony. Following the festival of lights, a grand Ganga Aarti will take place at 6 o’clock in the temple.

The temple priest, Rishikesh Jha, mentions that this special Ganga Aarti, usually held at the Ganga Sagar pond, is arranged at the Janaki Temple today due to the auspicious occasion of the consecration ceremony.

Local authorities in Dhanusha and Mahottari, among other districts, have declared a public holiday for the consecration ceremony. Janakpurdham Sub-Metropolitan City has restrictions on alcohol sale and distribution today.

Public leave has been granted by various local bodies in Dhanusa, Mahottari, and nearby districts for the consecration ceremony. The Janakpur Sub-Metropolitan City also restricts the sale and distribution of meat and alcohol during this auspicious occasion.



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