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Preparations for Bharatpur Tourism Year 2024

Preparations are in full swing for the 2024 tourism year in Bharatpur, Chitwan National Park. Starting from the 18th of Falgun, various measures have been taken for the Bharatpur Tourism Year, including cleanliness efforts in the community forest areas around Chitwan National Park.

Ganesh Tiwari, the Assistant Conservation Officer at Chitwan National Park, mentioned that sanitation activities have been conducted in the mid-region community forest, covering areas like Batali Pokhari, Kingfisher Lake, and the Twenty Thousand Lakes.

Nikunj is the primary focus for the Bharatpur Tourism Year, with sanitation efforts also directed towards the traditional jeep safari routes. Tiwari highlighted the work done to maintain the lakes, ponds, and grassy fields in Nikunj as per the annual plan.

Beautification initiatives at the Meghauli entrance and aesthetic improvements at the Nikunj headquarters have been implemented. The construction of a wildlife protection compound, including a fence to contain rhinos, has been completed. The goal is to provide tourists with an easy view of rhinos in a zoo-like setting.

Additionally, a wildlife protection compound has been built for housing gharials, aiming to offer tourists a convenient viewing experience. The Tiger Rescue Center construction is also finished within the compound.

In preparation for the Bharatpur Tourism Year, efforts have been made to create a wildlife protection compound covering various species from rhinos to gharials. The office has completed the construction of a cage resembling a zoo for an easy display of rhinos and gharials.

Given the unpredictable nature of wildlife in Nikunj, arrangements have been made to showcase rhinos and gharials in a zoo-like environment, with the first rhino expected to be placed in the compound in the first week of Falgun as part of the Bharatpur Tourism Year preparations.

Nikunj authorities have informed the department about the transition to a digital ticket system. Dil Purja, the chief conservation officer of Nikunj, shared details about this initiative, anticipating an increase in tourist visits during the tourism year and aiming to enhance the convenience of ticketing processes.



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