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Latokoséro and Huchil Festival Promotes Conservation Awareness

In the rural municipality of Jaljala, Ward No. 5, the Latokoséro and Huchil Festival is set to take place on the 19th and 20th of Magh. This renowned tourist destination is organizing the festival with the collaboration of the “Natural Heritage Conservation Organization and Nature Allies.” The two-day event aims to celebrate and raise awareness about the conservation of Lakotoséro and Huchil, addressing issues such as illegal poaching and theft.

The festival intends to foster cooperation with the local community in conservation efforts, emphasizing the importance of safeguarding against illegal activities such as theft, deforestation, and the use of toxic substances.

The Latokoséro and Huchil Festival has gained recognition not only in Nepal but also in the United States and Italy. Previously, similar festivals have been organized in various districts like Dhading, Chitwan, Nawalparasi, Gorakha, Kaski, Kapilvastu, Dolakha, Khotēgā, Syangja, and Kailali.

The festival includes discussions on diverse aspects of Latokoséro and Huchil conservation, with a focus on community collaboration.This festival is  needed to spread awareness about the threats of illegal activities such as theft and the destruction of forests, leading to the depletion of Lakotoséro and Huchil.

The organizers have planned to highlight the importance of Latokoséro and Huchil by presenting an exhibition on their conservation and the establishment of a temporary museum for the same.The festival features exhibitions showcasing information, photographs, and artworks related to Latokoséro, as well as a poetry and essay competition on the subject. Additionally, the event incorporates local sports, cultural programs, and various activities like traditional dances, showcasing the rich heritage of the region.

Various programs such as lectures, showcasing the largest crown of Latokoséro, robotic displays, photo exhibitions, and the sale of local products will also be part of the festival.

The festival aims to raise awareness and address the challenges faced by Latokoséro and Huchil, with a specific focus on the scarcity of certain species. Despite the hefty price tag attached to Latokoséro and Huchil, instances of theft and illegal trade persist, contributing to the decline in their conservation efforts.

In a press conference held during the festival, it was announced that the National Nature Conservation Award, valued at NPR 25,000, would be conferred to individuals from Kathmandu, Bhajani, Barhabise, and Kohalpur for their exceptional contributions to nature conservation.

The Latokoséro and Huchil Festival play a vital role in fostering conservation awareness, celebrating biodiversity, and encouraging community participation in preserving Nepal’s natural treasures.

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