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Nepali Army Chief Inaugurates Special Exhibition on Army Day 2080

In a grand ceremony at the army headquarters, Chief of Army Staff General Prabhuram Sharma inaugurated the Nepali Army photo and unit special exhibition on the occasion of Army Day 2080. The exhibition, spanning five days, showcases a diverse array of photos, weapons, and equipment depicting the Nepali Army’s activities over the years.

The comprehensive exhibition goes beyond static displays, offering a dynamic experience for visitors with various activities and audio-visual materials. Military uniforms, bands, air service, cavalry, forest and mountain warfare, special forces, national parks and wildlife reserves, peacekeeping forces, development construction, disaster management, sports, and military schools are all part of the exhibition.

To foster a closer connection between the Nepali Army and the general public, free entry to the exhibition has been arranged, along with a dedicated support room.The purpose of this initiative is to give participants a chance to closely observe and understand the various roles and activities that the Nepali Army plays.

Commander-in-Chief General Sharma honored and presented prizes to the military and non-military winners of the Nepali Army Photo Competition 2080 during the program’s premiere. The occasion showcased the ability and commitment of those who used their cameras to capture the spirit of the Nepali Army.

The public can learn about the many facets of the Nepali Army’s service, from military prowess to humanitarian efforts and disaster response, through this exhibition, which honors the army’s rich history and diverse contributions.

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