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Slow Progress in Narayangadh-Butwal Road Expansion Raises Concerns

In the eastern part of Nawalparasi, just 45% of the Narayangadh-Butwal road expansion project has been finished and only six months remaining before the extended deadline expires.

Two deadline extensions have been granted for the project, which was started in 2075 BS; the most recent one expires in mid-July.

The eastern section chief, Ashish Thapa Magar, expressed concerns over the sluggish progress and emphasized the need for the construction company, China State Construction Engineering Corporation, to expedite the work.

The 113-km Narayangadh-Butwal section of the East-West Highway covers about 65 kilometers in the Middle East section, and currently, only 21 kilometers of two-lane road have been completed.

Despite the slow progress, Magar remains hopeful that 90 percent of the work will be completed by mid-July, considering post-construction repair work as part of the progress.

The project chief emphasized the insufficient resources and manpower, urging the contractor to use adequate resources to meet the stipulated deadline.

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