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Expansion Plans for Bharatpur Airport Progress as Nepal Army’s Horse Reproduction Centre Set to Relocate

Since the small aircrafts were being operated only on day time due to short runway of the airport.

The airport is going to be expanded as there will be a short of aircrafts with the small carrier turning old in a couple of years. The expansion work is going to move forward with positive response from all the concerned local governments. Bharatpur Metropolitan City has been taking initiatives for the expansion.

The runway of the airport is to be expanded to 1,500 meters. With the expansion, big aircrafts with the capacity of 72 seats can be operated in the night time.

At a programme organized at the Shree Naya Sabuj Battalion at Bharatpur on Saturday, Defense Minister Purna Bahadur Khadka said that 19 bigha four kattha four dhur land owned by the barrack has to be handed to the airport for its expansion bid.

The Horse Reproduction centre was operational since 2041 BS and has a total of 110 horses.Now,the reproduction centre will be shifted to the Shaktikhor-based barrack in Kalika municipality.

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