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Panauti Close to Be Listed In UNESCO Heritage Site

Panauti, a Kavrepalanchowk city rich in religion, history, culture, and archeology, is almost certain to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Officials from the Panauti municipal administration state that the final stages of their efforts to satisfy UNESCO’s requirements for Ward No. 7 of Panauti to be listed on the prestigious list have been completed.

The region was to be added to UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites, and the procedures required to make this designation are apparently nearing completion.

Ram Sharan Bhandari, Mayor of Panauti municipality, mentioned that the required documentation would soon be submitted to UNESCO through the Department of Archaeology, as most of UNESCO’s criteria have been met.

Additionally, preparations are underway for local-level discussions regarding community involvement in preserving the area’s heritage.

The historical, religious, and archaeological sites of Panauti were inspected by Christian Manhurt, Head of the UNESCO Office in Nepal, following the start of the process to nominate Panauti as a World Heritage Site in 2079 BS.

The Panauti municipality set aside the required funds and started the procedure as soon as Manhurt indicated that UNESCO was ready to add distinctive shrines, temples, and homes to the list.

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