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Tourism Slows in Khumbu During Harsh Winter Conditions

The freezing cold in Solu, especially in the Khumbu region, has brought everything to a halt, affecting the daily lives of locals and businesses.

According to reports, around 70% of people, including hotel owners, have left Khumbu, seeking warmer places like Kathmandu or going on pilgrimages to India.

Once bustling with tourists, Khumbu now wears a deserted look, with airports, hotels, camping sites, and tourist spots lying vacant.

Even though some hotels are still open, business owners are facing tough times. Lukla’s Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal has seen a significant drop in daily flights.

Due to its remote location and high altitude, Khumbu becomes extremely cold during winter, prompting many residents to move to warmer areas for about six months.

In Salleri, people are lighting fires in the streets to combat the freezing temperatures, with the elderly and children being the most vulnerable.

The Meteorological Centre in Salleri reported a sharp drop in temperatures, with Salleri recording the lowest temperature of minus two degrees Celsius this year.

Life in upper parts like Namche, Lukla, and Fakding has been severely affected, causing water supply issues and disrupting daily activities.

Residents described temperatures dropping down to minus 17 degrees Celsius, impacting development works and restricting movement in the villages.

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