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“Hot Air Balloon” in Nepal Receives Permission to Fly Higher

The “Hot Air Balloon” in Nepal has received permission to fly much higher, now up to 9,000 feet, which is three times higher than its previous limit of 3,000 feet. This unique balloon, managed by Balloon Nepal, is based in Pokhara, the capital of Gandaki Province, and it has become a central spot for Hat Balloon flights.

The president of Balloon Nepal, Vikram Bade, mentioned that this increase in altitude approval allows for a spectacular view of the Annapurna mountain range, Pokhara’s scenic surroundings, and the chance to enjoy sunrise and sunset from great heights.

The Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation, represented by authorized personnel Mukesh Dangol, granted this permission after a thorough examination of Balloon Nepal’s flight manual and operational practices.

Balloon Nepal provides an adventurous experience for tourists, offering thrilling views while floating in the sky with hot air. As the only Hot Air Balloon operating in Nepal, it has become a significant attraction for adventure-seeking tourists.

The balloon, when filled with hot air, carries a basket underneath measuring 32 square meters, allowing up to eight people to enjoy the unique experience. The Hot Air Balloon is particularly suitable for morning and evening flights, with ascents during sunrise and descents during sunset.

Visitors are recommended to wear light clothing and sports shoes rather than typical hill shoes or sandals for a comfortable flight experience. It is advisable to use caution when shooting pictures with cameras or mobile phones and to use binoculars to study distant landscapes. Since flying slots are limited, reservations should be made in advance.

For Nepali visitors, a half-hour flight costs NPR 9,500 per person children between the ages of three and nine pay NPR 5,000. Citizens of India and other SAARC nations, as well as other countries, are subject to different rates.

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