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Mayor Dahal’s Dream Of Enlarging Bharatpur Airport Begining To Come True

Renu Dahal, the mayor of Bharatpur Metropolitan City, expressed her happiness that a recent council decision is making her long-held goal of expanding Bharatpur Airport in Chitwan become a reality. The mayor expressed her joy and her determination to keep the promise she made to the Chitwan people during her first term in office.

Mayor Dahal emphasized that after six years of persistent efforts, the cabinet has approved the airport’s expansion by relocating the Nepal Army’s Horse Breeding Centre to Shaktikhor. She called for full support from the people of Chitwan to implement this decision successfully.

Larger planes will be able to operate because of the airport’s development, allowing nighttime flights and possibly reducing flight prices. A ticket from Bharatpur to Kathmandu currently costs about Rs 4,800, but if larger aircraft are introduced, the cost may drop to about Rs 3,000.

Mayor Dahal noted that the development of the airport will help residents of Chitwan as well as those living in other regions. Also, it will have a big impact on boosting tourism in Chitwan, especially now that an international cricket ground is being built. Players and visitors from across the nation and abroad will be able to arrive at the bigger airport.

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