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Nepal Culture Festival In Nepalgunj Starts On February 24

A festival called the ‘Nepal Culture Festival’ is scheduled for February 24 and 25 in Nepalgunj. The goal of the event, is to showcase and celebrate the diverse cultures found throughout Nepal.

Local organizations are collaborating to make this festival happen, with a focus on promoting and highlighting Nepali indigenous arts, culture, music, dance, traditional instruments, clothing, language, and handicrafts.

Jayanarayan Shah, the main organizer of the event, shared details about the festival, mentioning various performances ranging from traditional dances like Limbu and Palam to Tharu and Avadhi dances representing the Terai region. The event will also include displays of Sherpa culture from the Himalayan region and Dhime Baja from the Newar culture of the Kathmandu Valley.

This festival aims to be a platform for cultural exchange, discussions, and interactions among language and cultural experts, as well as enthusiasts of music, dance, and scholars studying festivals, rituals, and traditions. Shah highlighted concerns about the decline of certain traditional practices and the loss of cultural heritage, underscoring the festival’s role in preserving and sharing cultural richness.

The festival, which will be held in Nepalgunj Rangshala, also known as Nepalgunj Stadium, will have entertainment events that the organizing group has planned. Popular singers and musicians from all over this nation will likely participate, which will increase the festival’s achievement and energy.

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