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Mahottari’s Grand Opening: The First Food Festival

A brand-new Food Festival is happening in Mahottari! The festival, organized by the Hotel and Tourism Entrepreneurs Association, wants to bring more tourists to Bardibas in the northern part of the municipality. It will go on for three days, starting from the 5th of Falgun.

Gopal Karki, who leads the Tourism Entrepreneurs Association in Mahottari, says the main goal is to help businesses that have struggled during tough economic times. The festival aims to give these businesses a chance to do well. The organizers are optimistic that, apart from helping the local economy, the festival will also showcase the delicious food and vibrant culture of Mahottari.

Narayan Ghimire, the Secretary, mentioned that the festival will be a fantastic mix of local food and cultural traditions. He explained that more than 50 stalls will be set up along the Sindhuli Road Section in Bardibas, providing a platform for both local and national artists to display their talents and entertain the visitors.

The organizers have made sure that anyone can join the fun by keeping the entry free for all. The Bardibas Municipality has pitched in NPR 650,000 to support the event, which is expected to cost over NPR 1 million, covering expenses for stalls and entertainment.

The festival’s planning committee, which includes the Culture, Tourism, and Festival Development Committee of Bardibas, wants to highlight traditional culture and tourism. Gopal Karki, the President, is determined to promote the festival effectively to ensure its success.

The festival is not only about culture but also about helping local businesses recover economically. With 40% of stall owners getting discounts, the organizers want to make sure the event is inclusive and enjoyable for everyone.

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