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Unforgettable Adventure: Hiking to the White House in Chovar

White House in Chovar,Taudaha.

The White House in Chovar near Kathmandu is a beautiful place to visit. Situated on a hill, it provides breathtaking views of the surrounds and a peaceful break from the rush of the city.You won’t forget the experience of hiking to the White House in Chovar, Taudaha, whether you want to go solo for a break or have a blast with friends.

Your journey starts at Taudaha Lake, a peaceful spot famous for its colorful fish and a distinctive tree in the middle. From here, you have different paths to reach the White House.

First,there is a Scenic  two-hour climb which offers you an insight into local life as it goes through beautiful farms and villages.

The Direct Route is another option. It’s shorter, but a little steeper—roughly 1.5 hours. As you hike through forests, you’ll get views of the valley below.

If you’d rather ride a bike, there’s Biking Adventure as well. Enjoy the fresh air and beautiful landscape as you cycle uphill.
The view changes as you go up, with lush greenery and the frequent chirping of birds as your surroundings. Take a moment to appreciate how the Kathmandu Valley is starting to take shape, with views of distant snow-capped peaks and Swayambhunath.

At the top are rolling green hills and the White House, a lovely eatery with a white water tank. Enjoy a meal or a drink while relaxing and soaking up the amazing view of the whole Kathmandu Valley.

If you’re up for more adventure, explore further.Hike to Kirtipur, known for its ancient architecture and cultural importance. Or visit Chovar, a traditional Newari village, and soak up its rich heritage.

Tips for your Hike:

Start early to avoid hot sun.
Wear comfy shoes.
Carry water and snacks.
Don’t litter, keep nature clean.
Respect local customs.


Include captivating photos showcasing the scenery, the hike, and the White House itself.
Mention the best time to visit based on weather conditions and crowds.
Recommend nearby attractions like Taudaha Lake and Kirtipur for a well-rounded itinerary.
Share your personal experience and any unique insights you gained during the hike.

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