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Vehicles to Travel on Gwarko Flyover from Jestha

The construction of the Gwarko Flyover, which was scheduled to be completed by February 12, has faced significant delays. The initial timeline was extended by six months due to technical issues encountered during the design phase, resulting in only 40% of the construction being completed so far.

Senior Division Engineer Rakesh Maharjan acknowledged the technical challenges faced during the construction but emphasized that progress has been made since then, with over 150 workers currently engaged in the project to expedite the construction process.

The construction company, Ashish-Samanantar-Religare JV, proposed redesigning the flyover to address previous technical issues, which was approved by the Department of Roads on October 10. With the implementation of new design plans, construction progress has accelerated, with 70% completion expected soon.

The main span of the flyover will be 36 meters long, with access roads of 320 meters towards Koteshwar and 185 meters towards Gwarko. Efforts are also underway to reinforce the roadways to ensure safe and efficient traffic flow upon completion.

Senior Division Engineer Maharjan highlighted preparations to enhance construction efficiency by importing necessary technical equipment from India, aiming to strengthen the roadways leading to the flyover.

The construction of the Gwarko Flyover, initiated in February 2078 BS under the Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) model, was contracted for NPR 176,888,888. The construction company is responsible for maintenance for up to five years post-completion.

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