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Traveler’s Guide: SIM Cards and Networks in Nepal

You might realize that mobile and sim card policies in Nepal differ drastically from those in your hometown. The good news is that before your vacation, you will learn everything there is to know about sim cards and networks.

Here is another helpful guide for those looking to purchase SIM cards in Nepal. You should read our guide on Getting Around Nepal before you do that.

Even when you are traveling internationally, you still need a network on your phone because communication is one of the most important aspects of life. Because foreign roaming fees are high, it might be challenging for a tourist to maintain communication when using such a service.

You probably want to take out your phone as soon as you get to Nepal and post anything on social media or give your home phone a call.

Using the SIM card provided by your national telecom  network to do this can be costly, and some of them might not even offer roaming service.

Therefore, it is recommended that you buy a SIM card that is available in Nepal for an affordable networking service when you visit the country. It reduces  the difficulties related to maintaining connectivity internationally.

Currently, Nepal is home to the top two mobile service providers. They are NTC and Ncell. They are all major mobile service providers in Nepal, serving thousands of users amongst them.

Purchasing SIM in Nepal

In Nepal, purchasing a SIM card is quite simple, especially for international tourists. There are stores at Tribhuvan International Airport that offer SIM cards directly there. Just fill out a form online and bring some documents like your passport copy and arrival visa. You’ll also need a small photo, but don’t worry if you don’t have one, you can get it at the shop.

For Indian citizens, Passports can be replaced with alternatives  such as voter cards or embassy cards. After meeting these requirements, you would be prepared to buy a SIM card in Nepali and maintain connectivity while visiting the country.

Cost of Purchasing SIM

Ncell SIM card costs 110 NRS ($0.82 USD) and comes with 30 NRS ($0.22 USD) and 1 GB data for 3 days.

NTC SIM card costs 90 NRS ($0.67 USD) and comes with 50 NRS ($0.37) credit. NTC offers a wide range of data and voice plans, with a 25 GB data package costing less than $0.25 USD per 1 GB data.

Note: Keep in mind that prices may vary based on market conditions.

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