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Bisket Jatra: Tradition and Modernization Hand in Hand

Chariot being Pulled By People during Bisket Jatra,Bhaktapur.

Using a dozer and crane, the 55-foot-tall lingo (pole), which is used for the famous Bisket Jatra in Bhaktapur, was moved from Sallaghari forest in Suryabinayak municipality-10, Chittapole, to Yongsikhel, which is located in Bhelukhel.The 55-foot-tall lingo (pole) which thousands of people have been pulling has been replaced By Motors{Vehicles // Robots}.

The 55-foot long pole is raised on the last day of the Nepali year and the celebrations conclude with the pole’s demolition on Baisakh 1, which falls in mid-April. This is the main method of Bisket Jatra, which is celebrated for nine days and eight nights in Bhaktapur.

According to tradition, the chariot, or yosingdho, which is worshiped as a representation of Kashi Bhairabnath and is built using eight ropes, is worshipped using the tantric way.

The pole that is built to mark the end of the previous year and the beginning of the new one has a symbol at the top called “halingpat,” which is thought to represent a serpentine shape.

The traditional jatra of historical, cultural, and religious significance should not be altered in the name of modernization, according to Bhaktapur-based Sanskrit campaigner Sampoorna Joshi. “Will the dozer now pull the chariot of Bhairavnath, which thousands of people have been pulling?” asked the man.

Social worker and former president of the Toumadhi Youth Club Bijaya Prasad Dhowadel said that it is ironic that the employment of a dozer and crane brought back the habit of pulling language with a rope.

This year, the government’s budget was not affected, according to Khima Oli, chief of Guthi Sansthan Branch Office Suryabinayak, because donor Shivaram Suwal covered all of the costs himself. He added that Suwal had paid for bringing two lingos. “We did not have to go for bid to bring poles this year, the state exchequer has been saved,” he said. We have just invested Rs 8,000 in prayer, a duck, and two goats.

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