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Minister Kirant’s Optimistic View on Airport Development Challenges in Nepal

Minister of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation Sudhan Kirant has stated that constructing and operating airports is challenging in Nepal. He inspected the under-construction Sagarmatha Domestic Airport in Udayapur on Friday and mentioned that even though building airports in a country like Nepal is not easy, operating them after construction is equally difficult.

He highlighted that despite the construction of 22 airports in Nepal, some locals in places like Udayapur, Bhojpur, and Khotang have expressed concerns about the impracticality of operating the Sagarmatha Domestic Airport.

Minister Kirant expressed his belief that there could be some possibilities for operation, including cross-border flights and mountain flights.

The runway cutting for the aforementioned airport, which is under construction in Jogidaha, Ward No. 2 of Triyuga Municipality in Udayapur, has been completed. However, due to insufficient budget allocation by the government for the construction of the airport in the 156-hectare forest area, work other than tree cutting has not progressed.

It has been reported that this year’s budget allocation for the airport is 500 million rupees out of the total estimated cost exceeding three billion rupees.

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