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Beldhunga Becomes a Popular Spot for Local Tourism with Better Facilities

Beldhunga , a growing tourist destination in Baglung.

The hustle and bustle of domestic tourists has increased in Baglung’s Beldhunga, amidst the chilly weather. Beladhunga, situated in the ward 3 of Baglung’s Kathekhola Municipality and ward 3 of Beni Municipality in Myagdi, has become the center of attraction for domestic tourists lately. The improvement in road networks and transportation access has led to an increase in tourist arrivals in Beladhunga.

Beladhunga, located at an altitude of two thousand meters above sea level, is being developed as a tourist destination by the Gandaki Province and Kathekhola Municipality through significant investments. From this high mountainous area, tourists can see a dozen snow-capped peaks, including Dhaulagiri, just in front of their eyes. Tourists also come to Beladhunga to witness the sunrise.

During the Dashain and Tihar holidays, some 500 tourists came to Beladhunga, according to Gopal Shrestha, the chairman of the community guesthouse there. He was excited about the growing number of visitors, who often arrive during the day and go in the evening, meaning fewer people are staying overnight.

Shrestha further explained that while Beladhunga was quiet and deserted a decade ago, it has now become bustling with tourists. He attributed this growth to development efforts that have attracted both internal and external tourists.

The government has also shown interest in the development of this area. Last year, the Kathekhola Municipality allocated two hundred fifty-nine thousand rupees, and the Gandaki Province Government allocated two million rupees for development. This year, the municipality has allocated five hundred thousand rupees for development projects.

Shrestha believes that further infrastructure development is necessary to enhance the appeal of the region to tourists. He stated, “The area has changed its appearance compared to the past. It has become more organized and well-maintained. With proper promotion, the number of both domestic and international tourists has significantly increased, which excites us a lot.

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