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Mustang’s Sekung and Bhutarchho Lake Connected by New Suspension Bridge

New Suspension Bridge over Mustang’s Maharkpun Khola.

The local government of Thasang Rural Municipality-2 in Mustang has constructed a suspension bridge over Maharkpun Khola, connecting the tourist destinations of Sekung and Bhutarchho Lake. The bridge, spanning 83 meters and built at a cost of NPR 4.53 million, aims to facilitate local residents and tourists visiting the area.

According to Gautam Shrestha, the ward chairman of Thasang-2, before the bridge’s construction, travelers faced risks during the monsoon season while crossing Maharkpun Khola, affecting both tourists and locals. However, with the bridge in place, travel time between the two lakes has reduced significantly from 30 minutes to just five minutes, ensuring safer and more convenient access.

The bridge benefits approximately 160 households in villages like Kovang, Khanti, Naaurikot, Tangchara, Larjung, and numerous tourists who visit Bhutarchho Lake for recreational activities. Positioned amidst the Dhaulagiri and Tukuche Himalayan ranges, Sekung and Bhutarchho Lake offer stunning views and unique natural landscapes, attracting visitors from far and wide.

Additionally, the construction of the bridge has addressed concerns about travel safety, especially during the rainy season. With the completion of the bridge, the local government has embarked on further development projects, including road improvements, rest areas, and public facilities, to enhance the overall tourism experience in Sekung and Bhutarchho Lake areas.

Situated approximately three kilometers from Tangchara along the Beni-Jomsom Highway, Sekung and Bhutarchho Lake are now more accessible, thanks to the newly constructed bridge over Maharkpun Khola. This infrastructure development not only ensures safer travel but also opens up opportunities for sustainable tourism growth in the region.

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