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Construction of foot trail to connect Gai Ghats waterfall and Barah Tal.

GaiGhat Waterfall in Baglung.

The construction of a foot trail to connect two tourist areas in Baglung has been initiated. The foot trail will link the Gai Ghats waterfall, located on the border of Tarakhola Rural Municipality and Galkot Municipality, with Barah Tal (Twelve Lakes).

A budget of NPR 1 million allocated by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism, Forest, and Environment of Gandaki Province for the current fiscal year is being used for this construction project. Nar Bahadur Gharti Magar, the chairman of the Gai Ghats waterfall-Barah Tal foot trail construction committee, provided this information, stating that the construction work has begun after an agreement with the Baglung Tourism and Industry Office.

The foot trail aims to provide easy access to tourists from the waterfall to Talas. Yam Bahadur Shrestha, chairman of Talakholi-1, mentioned that the foot trail construction has been initiated for tourism development purposes. He also stated that they plan to collaborate with the provincial and central governments next year to complete the foot trail up to Talas, which is approximately five kilometers north of the waterfall.

Shrestha mentioned the improvements made to the waterfall area, such as solar lighting, garden management, and the construction of a bridge, which have increased tourist attraction in recent times. He noted that around two thousand more tourists visit the waterfall monthly. He emphasized that with the increasing demand for tourism, foot trail construction is essential. He also mentioned plans to utilize local produce to benefit from the tourists visiting the waterfall and create employment opportunities.

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