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Nepal Airlines Plans Test Flight on Simikot-Surkhet Route on Falgun 7

Nepal Airlines plans to perform a test flight on the Simikot-Surkhet route  on Falgun 7.The airline plans to test flights between Simikot and Surkhet, the main city of Karnali Province. Before, they used to fly on the route from Nepalgunj to Simikot and back. Chiring Lama, who leads Nepal Airlines in Simikot, said everything is ready for the trial flights.

“After Nepal Airlines’ aircraft fly to Nepalgunj-Simikot, the very next day, there will be test flights on the Simikot-Surkhet route,” he stated. “Preparations are underway to schedule passenger flights for the Surkhet-Simikot route thereafter.” However, the exact fare for this route has yet to be determined.

Gorkh Rokaya, a local resident, mentioned that folks from Humla will really benefit when the Simikot-Surkhet air route becomes active. He explained that people would no longer need to go from Humla to Nepalgunj and then from Nepalgunj to Surkhet once flights between Simikot and Surkhet begin to operate.
At the moment, the trip from Simikot to Nepalgunj takes around four hours, and the trip from Nepalgunj to Surkhet takes about 45 minutes. Rokaya pointed out that the trip time might be as little as 35 minutes if flights to Surkhet were to become regular.

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