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Nepal Embassy Hosts Travel Promotion in Sri Lanka

A small glimpse of Himalayas seen in Nepal.

The Nepalese Embassy in Colombo, Sri Lanka, organized a travel promotion. Many travel agents, reporters, and business folks from both Sri Lanka and Nepal came.

Nepal’s Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Basudev Mishra, talked about how tourism helps both countries’ economies. He invited Sri Lankans to come to Nepal, mentioning its friendly atmosphere, many attractions, and good prices.

They also talked about a big meeting about investing in Nepal and suggested that businesses from Sri Lanka and Nepal work together.

People from Sri Lanka said they wanted to visit Lumbini and other places in Nepal. Dr. Kalyan Raj Sharma from a Nepali adventure company showed different types of tourism in Nepal, like adventure trips, hiking, and seeing wildlife.

At the event, they showed Nepali tourism stuff and videos about Nepal’s attractions and culture. Nepali businesses said they hope more people from Sri Lanka will visit Nepal and offer good deals for them.

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