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Madhani Festival 2080: Honoring the Thousand-Year-Old Mahadev Temple

Mayor Reena Kumari Sah from Maulapur Municipality has announced the “Madhani Festival 2080” to celebrate the historic Mahadev Temple in Parauta, Rautahat. The aim is to get the temple listed as a World Heritage site and to make the Madhani Mahayagya an international event. The festival will run from February 22 to 26 in Maulapur 5, Patoura.

The Mahadev Temple, which is a thousand years old, is considered a valuable heritage site. The Madhani Mahayagya, led by the local Tharu community, is a traditional Vedic ritual that involves worshiping Lord Shiva and includes rituals like worshiping water, land, and the home. It also includes reenacting scenes from Shiva’s marriage.

During the festival, there will be various events such as the Fatehpur dance on February 22 and 23, the Madhani Mahayagya and Shiva’s marriage on February 23, showcasing Shiva’s play from India on February 23 and 24, cultural programs on February 25, and an international wrestling competition on February 26.

Prabhu Sah, the current chairman, mentioned that preparations for the festival are underway. Renowned artists, including Bollywood actor Govinda, and a dozen Nepali artists like Pal Shah, are expected to participate. He also requested government support during a meeting with representatives held on Friday.

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