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Finding Peace and Beauty:Exploring Rupa Taal in Pokhara

Rupa Taal, Pokhara.

The Pokhara valley offers everything, making it a tourists’ dream come true. In fact, it’s a modern business center with plenty of scenic spots to cheer up even the most weary traveler. Pokhara has it everything, from the serene hill stations of Dhampus and Sarangkot to the vibrant Lakeside, from Tal Barahi’s culture and religion to basking in the sun in the center of Phewa Lake. Situated in the Pokhara-Lekhnath metropolitan municipality, the Rupa Lake/Rupa Taal is one of the valley’s underappreciated beauties. Pokhara is roughly 10 kilometers to the southeast.

At 600 meters above sea level, the Rupa Lake is praised as Pokhara’s third-largest freshwater lake. It is the third main attraction and something you simply must see when visiting Pokhara. The lake’s calm waters are a signal of hope for anybody hoping to understand the complexity and beauty of nature. This blue jewel has an average depth of 3 meters and spreads over 1.35 square kilometers.
The maximum depth of the lake is 6m. There are some accounts which state the depth of the lake goes beyond that. The lake sits in the middle of green hills and is fed by perennial rivers like the Talbesi stream & the Dhovan Khola. The water of the lake is drained through Tal Khola. There is a mountain ridge, which divides the Rupa Lake from the Begnas Lake. During holidays and peak tourist seasons, you can find numerous boats on the lake and people walking on its banks, it is a great sight to behold.

Rupa Lake is a blessing of Mother Nature and has been there since the dawn of mankind. We can find examples of the existence of Rupa Lake in the books of poets as they have elaborated on the beauty of this lake. As this lake resides further away from mainland Pokhara, it does not get the attention that it deserves. Its cousin Phewa garners most of the attention due to its close proximity with Lakeside, and the tourist-attracting infrastructures are also focused around that area.

The bus fare in Pokhara is also relatively cheap. Another way that you can visit the Rupa Lake is by private Vehicle. You can arrange private vehicle through tour agency. Book a private Vehicle the day before heading out in order to prevent any sort of hassle. Another convenient way to travel to Rupa Lake is by hiring a bicycle. It takes you about Rs.800 to hire a bicycle for a day. Be sure to submit the necessary documentation in order to hire a bicycle. You can enjoy the beautiful nature while doing so. If you fancy a short and discreet ride that doesn’t cost as much as a taxi, then opt for a motorbike. You can easily hire motorbikes here. There are no requirements for permits in order to enter Rupa Lake, but it is necessary that you pay some fees in order to do boating.

Rupa Lake attracts thousands of tourists throughout the year, which has contributed to its immense popularity. You can observe cage culture as well as pen culture in the Rupa Lake for fish farming. Every year, there is Pokhara Mahotsav and you can find many fairs and exhibitions that are held in these parts of the city. While you are on the road to Rupa, you can indulge in numerous activities. You can wake up early, and head out to the Lake premises to indulge in yoga. You can choose to visit the fish farming areas as well. You can aim to explore Begnas Lake during your visit to Rupa Lake. You can explore the Begnas Bazar as well. Otherwise, you can choose to add it in your journey to Peace Pagoda and Davis Falls. Rupa Lake is one of those underdogs in the tourism industry of Pokhara which has the capacity to become something big in the near future. The past trend states that its popularity is increasing, and in a few years, it could be much bigger. If you are in search of a peaceful getaway, then the tranquil waters of Rupa will fulfill your craving.

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