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Lhakpa Sonam Sherpa a Tourism entrepreneur’s book “Himbu” releasing today

A book called “Himbu,” written by Lhakpa Sonam Sherpa, a well-known tourism entrepreneur and mountaineer, is coming out today. The book talks about his life and experiences, from growing up in Pangom village to becoming a successful businessman in Nepal’s tourism industry.

Starting as a young boy working in the tourism sector at 13, Sherpa has spent 50 years in the industry, building his reputation. The book tells stories of his struggles, including running away from home at 13 and starting work in Kathmandu. He also shares his journey of starting a tourism business, even taking French tourists to India.

Sherpa’s Thamserku Trekking Company received awards for 16 years, and he founded Yeti Airlines with the help of a friend from France. He remembers his brother and other Sherpas who lost their lives in accidents while climbing mountains.

Sherpa expresses disappointment with the government’s lack of investment in the Khumbu region and talks about Tara Air’s efforts to serve people in the Karnali region despite losses. He also discusses Sherpa culture and the challenges it faces.

Sherpa writes in the book about his brief experience founding the Green Party, a political organization that ultimately failed. Since he began mountaineering in 1987, he has ascended many of Nepal’s mountains, including the Seven Mountains.

Now, at 65, Sherpa plans to take a break from business to focus on social service. He aims to do this through SAS Trust, an organization he established with his wife Anita Sherpa. The proceeds from the sale of the “Himbu” book will support the trust’s social service projects in remote areas of Nepal.

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